Q: “How long will a sculpture last?”

A: Most sculptures are designed to last 4 to 6 hours, which is usually long enough to make it through most special events. Of course, everything depends on the temperature. If it’s really hot, then a sculpture won’t last very long, sometimes less than a couple of hours. If it’s really cold, then it can last for days, weeks, or even months.

Q: “Was that cut by hand or by a computer/machine?”

A: CNC computer technology has been adapted for cutting and engraving ice sculptures, which involves the use of larger computer-controlled machines that cut ice according to a programmed design. There are several systems available and many companies across the U.S. and around the world take advantage of this technology. For now, most ice sculptures are probably still cut by hand, but this balance may shift in the future. In addition, lots of sculptures are partly cut by machine AND partly by hand, which, of course, doesn’t make the answer to the question any simpler.

Q: “How heavy will my sculpture or luge be?”

A: An average sculpture is approximately 1 metre x 0.5 metre in size and will weigh between 120 and 135kg.

Q: “How do you deliver my sculpture?”

A: Your sculpture is made at our factory and kept in a freezer until the day of your event. it is wrapped in bubble wrap for protection and then transported in a freezer van to yor venue.

Q: “When do you deliver my sculpture?”

A: Normally, we deliver and set up your sculpture 60 - 90 minutes before your guests arrive.  However, if your venue are happy to set it up for you, we can deliver it a day or two prior to your event and leave it with them in their freezer.

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